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ChobotsEdit is a game ran by a group of fabulous staff members. Chobots was orginally, but got shut down and moved on to Chobots was officialy released in 2011, and the release was accouned my Moderator William, who since has quit the team.

Below is a list of the current Chobots Staff members.

Administrator: Ethan 

Joined: February, 2012

Administrator: Zach (Zoo)

Joined: October, 2011 

Community Manager: Bitten (Paris)

Joined: May, 2012

Community Leader: Yaniv

Joined: May, 2012  

Creative Director: Thomas

Joined: November, 2013 Developer: Brian (Elvio)

Developer: Brian (Elvio)

Joined: November, 2012

Developer and Lead Support: Philip (Pres)

Joined: March, 2013

Illustrator: Drake (Nightmare)

Joined: November, 2013

Illustrator: Justin

Joined: January, 2012

Illustrator: Michael (Art)

Joined: June, 2013

Moderator: Bonny (Bluewonder)

Joined: Unknown

Moderator: Vanessa (Vani)

Joined: September, 2013

Support: Julia (Birdy)

Joined: November, 2011

Support: Mike

Joined: August, 2013

Support: Sheri (Ariel)

Joined: January, 2013